I Once Knew a Man From Nantucket With A Poutine So Good I Would F*ck It. (Lobster Poutine Wrap)

The Lobster Poutine She Told You Not To Worry About

I actually don’t know a man from Nantucket. Despite living my entire life in Massachusetts with dozens of trips to Cape Cod I’ve never even been to Nantucket or seen a man who claimed to have been from there.

I do know that I’ve been caught up in the heat of the potato and gravy moment from time to time and questioned whether or not I should eat or fuck the poutine in front of me. This is one of those moments.

When it comes to poutine I’m usually a basic bitch. Gimme fries. Gimme curd. Gimme gravy. I don’t like to stray from that path too much, but every now and again the THC gets ahold of my skeleton and shakes me into fuckin skeletal submission. 

With this recipe we’re taking a classic fork food and turning it into a handheld potato, cheese and seafood torpedo that will be directed straight at your fuckin gullet.

The real star of this clusterfuck for me is the clam chowder gravy – which is clam chowder that’s thickened up with a cheesy bacon roux. Smother some fries, lobster and cheese with with this magical cheese & clam bukakke and you’ve got yourself a one way ticket to Creamsville. Population: Your pants.



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