Hey England – I See Your Fry Up And I Raise You The American Fry Up

Hey England – I See Your Fry Up And I Raise You The American Fry Up

American Fry Up vs English Fry Up

Let me just start by saying I have no issues with a full English or traditional Irish fry up. I’m not even here to say that the fry up that I made here today is better than a classic English fucking throw down. I’m just here to slide my stumpy little American prick into that deep bean and blood sausage cut and release my sour nut.

For those of you unaware of what a traditional fry up looks like, I ask you to direct your attention to a few of these links

Fry Up Police


Ben Smith

Fry up inspector

Beans, blood sausage, fried bread, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs – what’s not to fucking love about this?

For my Americunt version of a fry up I was basically looking to replace traditional fry up ingredient with familiar American breakfast items. Instead of beans I used corned beef hash. Instead of black & white pudding I used kielbasa and small breakfast sausages.

My one goal with my fry up was to cook everything in the same pan – obviously not at the same time – so I could capture the flavor of everything in one big greasy vessel.

I cooked the bacon first. The grease from the bacon would act as a lube for the rest of of the cooking. You’re going to want to start with the meats and work your way towards the starches before finally finishing with the eggs. The breads and potato products will help absorb all of that delicious fucking cancer left by the meats.  A quick wipe of the pan before the scrambled eggs and you’ve got yourself my version of an American fry up.


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