Garlic Knotchos. It’s called fusion. Google it, sweetie.

Garlic Knotchos. It’s called fusion. Google it, sweetie.

Lets Take A Little Stroll Down Garlic Knotcho Boulevard.

I like to imagine a would where anything can be turned into some sort of nacho dish. Spaghetti & Meatball nachos with some sort of garlic bread chip. Shepherds Pie nachos with some type of fried the fuck mashed potato jobber. Maybe even a cereal nacho dish where the chips are made from crushed up cereal and topped with more cereal. I don’t know. This is the cannabis talking.

I’ve done a few nachos inspired recipes in the past as some of you might recall, and those of you following me on INSTAGRAM know that Nicole and I make nachos a few times a month.




For this weeks recipe I wanted to do something simple – because I’m attempting to renovate my kitchen – and delicious.

These Garlic “Knotchos” are extremely easy to make and you can pretty much fuck them up with whatever toppings you want. I went with a few simple things along with a trailer park cheese sauce (onions, red pepper, jalapeño & garlic)


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