Shakshouka Fries

Shakshouka Fries

Shakshouka Fries.

If you can’t get down with french fries topped with all sorts of various shit I can get down with you. Whether its chili & cheese or lamb and tunafish you have to respect the fuck out of a loaded fry – and don’t even get me started on loaded tots.

Shakshouka is a Middle Eastern or possibly African or maybe even an Irish dish. Sure. I could do a little Google research to find out but I’m not exactly about that life.

A Shakshouka is basically a hearty tomato sauce in which you poach some eggs. I’ve been eating this for years without any knowledge of it being an actual meal from somewhere on earth. I just thought I was being trashy pouring tomato sauce in a skillet and cooking an egg in it.

Shakshouka what your momma gave ya.

Building a tomato sauce is easy. You literally just need tomato sauce and other shit. Who gives a fuck what you use as long as it tastes decent. If tomatoes aren’t in season your next bet is to use canned crushed and diced tomatoes. Some fresh herbs, spices, a little meat and viola! You’ve got yourself a fancy little fuckin tomato sauce.

I started my sauce with a pound of bacon. I used the grease from the bacon to pretty much cook the rest of the ingredients in my sauce. Some peppers, onions, garlic & spices (paprika, seasoning salt, curry powder, black pepper, dried parsley) TASTE YOUR SAUCE AS YOU FUCKING COOK IT. Don’t be a mutant who just follows a recipe without tasting it during the cooking process.

Once your sauce is made all thats left is to build your fries. A little cheese and an egg. Like I said, typically with this dish you cook the egg right in the sauce, but if you’re not planning on finishing the whole thing in one sitting I suggest just poaching a few fuckin eggs.

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