The Holiday Centerpiece You Never Knew You Needed

The Holiday Centerpiece You Never Knew You Needed

Wow Your Guests With This One of a Kind Holiday Snack.

The holidays are a great time to show off you culinary skills – and show them off is what the fuck I do. Thanksgiving crunchwraps, Thanksgiving Sushi, and now most importantly this Holiday Pickle Cake…or hot dog pie…or whatever the fuck ever.

The nice thing about gelatin is you can pretty much gelatin anything. You could probably gelatin a fart if you really put some effort behind it. Maybe fart in some water for a while before turning it into gelatin. There it is. Edible fart.

There aren’t many steps or ingredients to this recipe which is nice. The cheapest hot dogs money can buy. Baby dill pickles. A few packs of gelatin & a bundt cake pan.


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