Deep Fried Ranch Dressing Just In Time For The Holidays

Deep Fried Ranch Dressing Is A Lot Like Finding Your Mothers Thong

It fucking stinks.

I’ll be the first to admit I fucking hate ranch. I’m not sure when this whole ranch thing started but I’m here to fucking end it. This is peak ranching. There will never be a greater ranch creation and I’ve already made ranch Jello Jigglers so don’t fuckin’ try me.

This is actually an idea I’ve been toying with for a while. Initially I was going to make ranch jello, bread & deep fry it. I’m assuming the ranch would have turned back into its liquid-ranch state as soon as it was heated in the oil creating just a mess of a fucking time. So I decided to mix the ranch with fresh breadcrumbs. Fucking brilliant. This is a total game changer when it comes to deep frying. We now have a way to deep fry liquids without just deep frying liquids. BBQ Sauces, butter, alcohol. You fuckin name it. If it’s a liquid or “liquidy” we’re fuckin’ fryin’ it.

The whole “process” is a walk in the park. Fresh breadcrumbs. a bottle of ranch and hot oil. I also missed a huge opportunity to use powdered ranch. The fried ranch balls were ranchy but most definitely could have been “ranchier”

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