The Vulgar Chef’s Kitchen Must-Haves

The Vulgar Chef’s Kitchen Must-Haves
I’m not here to bullshit you about what you need in your kitchen. This is a list of all the shit I regularly use in my fucking temple.

Legit as fuck deep fryer.

This is the deep fryer I use. You’ve seen it in all of my amazing recipe videos. I’ve had this little pig for about 6 years now with no issues. It came with a set of gloves. I’m not sure what they are for.

Chili Crisp & Chili Garlic Sauce

I’ve got a lot of sauces and spices in my spray fart sanctuary. These two will kick the shit out of Tony Chachere and titty-fuck Mrs. Dash into submission. The Chili crisp is great on noodles or chicken and is a great addition to any homemade sauce. The chili garlic sauce is just a great all around chili sauce to keep in the kitchen.

Digital Meat Thermometer

No beating around the bush here. This is the meat thermometer I use. Great for making sure your meat is fully cooked so you don’t end up spray shitting blood in the hospital like myself.

Tight As Fuck Noodle Bowl & Spoons

Stop eating your ramen out of a Tupperware like a fucking mutant. Get yourself some decent spoons and a hefty bowl to slurp your noodles out of.

Vulgar Chef Merch

Can’t cook if you’re not swagged the fuck out.

Cast Iron Skillet

I’m not sure why people are so afraid of cast iron. Yeah, you have to give them a little more love than your average skillet, but this thing will last you for fucking ever. There are a million videos on how to care for your skillet. Stop being a frying pan fuck-o and join the cast iron club.

Mikes Mighty Good Ramen

If you haven’t tried this ramen you are seriously fucking up. Mike’s is honestly better than some restaurant ramen I’ve had. The best thing about this ramen is that its a great base for creating a bowl of your own. The broth is legit as fuck. Never has making a delicious custom bowl of ramen been easier.

These Two Hot Sauces

These two hot sauces are so fucking good. One of them is super hot while the other is more on the mild side. Tons of MSG so you know its fucking legit.

To see a complete list of all my kitchen must haves click this link


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