Bacon-Mac Pinwheel Buns

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I often dream of living in a world where burger buns have thrown to the fucking wind. Bread is terrible and makes you fucking fat.

Cinnamon bun burgers, Mac n cheese buns, and ramen buns. This is the kind of shit that gets my cock hard, and not just like regular hard. The kind of hard where even if you try to make it go away by thinking of your grandmothers tits, your cock prevails, grows larger, and really gets the blood flowing to the head.

The key to this, and almost any other bacon inspired operations, is the quality and thickness of your meat. although it still tastes great, cheap bacon cooks like fucking shit. Especially when your looking to build a weave out of that shit. So go with the thick ‘heady’ bacon.

For this recipe you’re going to build yourself a bacon weave. You’re going to want to build it on a baking sheet because we’re going to cook it off a bit. Cook the weave at 425 for about 15 minutes. After cooking off, place the weave on a cutting board and layer on some cold mac the fuck cheese. Leave a decent amount of empty space at one end. Roll the weave up the long way towards the side with the space.

The next step is a little fucky, but you’re going to slice off 1 inch slices of the bacon toboggan, and pin the bacon together with a toothpick. It might be easier to stick it in the freezer for three shakes of a lambs cunt before cutting it. After slicing it, lay on a cutting board and freeze for two hours. Remove the “buns” from the freezer, remove the toothpicks, and follow standard frying procedures. (375 for 7-10 minutes)

Meat lovers Breakfast Rollup

So theres a video floating around online of some guy rolling up bacon with ground beef and cheese or some fucking dumb shit like that. I’ve had an idea for a while to make some sort of breakfast/sushi./rollup titty fucking thing.

After seeing this other trash video I decided it was time to take charge. head on over to to watch the video.