Shepherds Pie Donuts

Shepherds pie – or EBT lasagna as I like to call it – is hands down one of the most magnificent forms of American fusion since white rice and ketchup.

Reinventing the shepherds pie as a donut has easily solidified my position as one of the top pasty chefs in the modern world, as well as one of the top fucktards. Meat stuffed “pastry” with a mashed potato frosting, gravy drizzle, corn sprinkles & a green onion dusting.

Pulled Pork Stuffed Doughnut.

It’s been minute since daddy posted. Ya’ll thought I was sleeping? Fuck that. I was jerkin dicks and feelin’ tits.

Pulled pork stuffed doughnuts. I used some flaky biscuit rolls for this titty fucker, so I guess its not really a doughnut, but you know what? I pay the fucking web hosting fee and I’m the one drunk as fuck in my kitchen cooking, so I’ll call them whatever the fuck I want. I’ll call them cock fuck biscuits for all I give a fuck about.