French Fry Stuffed Burger.


Trying to eat your fries and burger at the same time can be a real pain in the prick. Just simply placing your fries in a burger just makes you look like a fuckin’ greenhorn.


Stuff the fries right in the fuckin’ burg bro. I went with a lovely blend of McDonald’s and Burger King’s French fries for maximum french fry fucktituide.

This thing is more legit than your dads dick.

Hot dog in a sausage bun

Yeah bread makes you fat as fuck.

Split a fuckin’ bacon cheddar sausage down the mid section and stick a god damn dog in that bitch. I’ve been sticking meat in meat since 01′.


Oreo and peanut butter stuffed red velvet cupcakes


The recipe is simple as fuck. Drop a little red velvet mix in a muffin ass pan…plop some Oreos smothered with peanut butter on the mixture, cover the Oreos with more red velvet fuck mixture…and bake that shit.

Stouffers French bread meatball grinder


You’re probably asking yourself…is that a meatball grinder…between two Stouffers French bread the fuck pizzas? Yeah. It sure as shit is. This bitch clocks in at well over 1000 calories but it’s ok because I used turkey meatballs, because I’m trying to be healthy as fuck.

Bacon Cannoli

Bacon cannoli because I don’t give a shit.

Interested in making one yourself? It was really easy. Make a bacon weave, cut that shit into a circle, wrap it around a cannoli tube, and bake the flying fuck out of it.

I would have liked to fill this bitch with so many things. Mashed potato, scrambled eggs, another smaller bacon cannoli who the fuck cares.




Jalapeño & Cream Cheese Stuffed Wings

Im a huge fan of stuffing anything I can even if its another man’s can.

I got the idea for this from Greg at, He went boss mode and stuffed his with goat cheese and fuckin’ mac n cheese. Im a cream cheese / jalapeño go hard all day so it only seemed natural for me to stuff these bitches with it.

Its a tedious job kind of a pain in the ass but well worth it.

You start out steaming the wings for about 10 minutes. Next you remove the small bone and pretty much pack in your fuckin filler.

Here is my photo journey.




IMG_4270IMG_4272 IMG_4273

This part is kind of a pain in the dick. Do your best to remove the bone and leave somewhat of a pocket to stuff.  For the other half of the wing do your best to just make a fuckin pocket or some shit under the skin.




once you have all those shits packed up toss them in some seasoned flour or whatever the fuck you fancy. The flour actually helps crisp up and cheese showing so your shit doesn’t come all pouring out and fuck.


Now the wings are already pretty much cooked so top them in some hot oil for about 2 minutes


and now

stuff your fat shit hole.

IMG_4285 IMG_4287 IMG_4290

Jalapeño rock candy

I’ve been working at this bitch for some time now. Playing with sugar and water like a fuckin’ science project. Finally got something I was happy with.



Mini Doughnut Sliders

I don’t know anymore. I really don’t. For the record the crunch donette was the best. The flavors really did work together. Sometimes when you give a fuck, it’s most important to not give a fuck.


Ham and Cheese Danish sandwich.

This morning for breakfast I really wanted a ham and cheese sammich. Problem was I had no bread and no cheese. But what I did have was a cheese Danish. So I figured I could kill two birds with one fuck. I also through on some kettle cooked jalapeño potato chips because it’s important to get fat while you get fat.