Ramen Taco


In the spirit of the ramen burger, I would like to present to you all the worlds first Ramen Taco (to my knowledge)

Want the recipe????

Its in the fucking eBook.




Mac and Cheese stuffed buns

Macaroni and Cheese stuffed inside some bread, used as buns for a burger…or whatever you might fancy. Just eat these shits by themselves I don’t give a flying fuck.


I went with some microwavable mac n’ cheese because I wasn’t about to make a huge pot just to stuff some shitty bread.

Theres a few tedious steps to create these shits so pay attention.

FIRST you’re going to want to flatten the bread and trim off the crust. This has turned into my signature bread move lately. Really changes up the bread game

IMG_3394IMG_3396 IMG_3398

Next, plop on a decent size pile of mac n’ cheese. You don’t really need a lot here. You’re going to want some room in there so its not busting out the sides playboy.


Next, take some butter or some egg wash, and give the edges a quick brush. I went with butter, egg wash probably would have held a little better when this shit was cooking.


Next, toss on the top and press the edges down with a fork.

IMG_3406 IMG_3408IMG_3410

Butter the top and stick butter side down in a pan, or cook in your oven with the broiler.

Once the top is nice and toasty, flip that shit, butter, and cook the other side.

IMG_3412 IMG_3416 IMG_3414

One those magnificent mac n’ cheese buns are cooked, you’re ready to stuff your fat fuckin’ face.


IMG_3456 IMG_3448

Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese


Now I know what you’re probably thinking. Oh how shitty, a grilled cheese thats filled with jalapeño poppers.


What I did here was take all the basic fundamentals (fried, cheese, popper, jalapeño) of a jalapeño popper and applied that shit to a fuckin’ grilled cheese.





the first thing you’re going to want to do is get a little oil heated up in a pan



Next you’re going to bread bread. Thats right. You’re going to put breadcrumbs on bread for maximum carb fuckage. Dip the bread in an egg / milk combo (both sides) then drop that shit in some breadcrumbs. I really should have went all out here and used some crushed potato chips or some shit for the breadcrumbs, but I was fuckin’ hungry.

IMG_3281 IMG_3282 IMG_3283 IMG_3284


Once you have both sides of the bread “crumbed”, plop the slices into a skillet with some hot oil.




Once the bread is nice and browed, flip that shit over and start adding your shit player.





A nice slice of sharp cheddar




I went with Heluva Good Dip instead of classic cream cheese, because who really gives a shit.

IMG_3276 IMG_3289


Drop on your jalapeños. I decided to use fresh jalapeños. If the heat with these is going to be too much for you, you can used the ones that are pickled in the jar if you’re a pussy.




Now put that shit together, let it cook for a few more minutes so all that cheesy-goodness melts together.





You are now free to move about your cheese bomb.



IMG_3293 IMG_3298 IMG_3296

Hot Fries / Cheddar Fries Mozzarella Sticks

This one is really simple. Some string cheese, flour, eggs, oil for frying, and some crushed up Andy Capp’s hot, and cheddar fries.

Just follow the the pictures on this one kids.

Once they are ready to fry you’re only going to fry them for about 15 seconds.













The 10 grocery store commandments


As someone who is at grocery stores multiple times a week, I tend to see a lot of asshole fueled shenanigans. It seems that everyone who goes to the grocery store to do some shopping is either a first timer…or a fucking moron. The task of putting food into a cart while moving flawlessly down isles and paying for your food, is not rocket science. Some of you need to be fitted with a fucking helmet. Here’s a list of commandments that all grocery store participants should be following.

1. Thou shall help with the bagging of the groceries


See this way too much. Bagger is occupied at another station, or there isn’t one. So what does a person do? Let your cashier ring out all of YOUR shitty groceries…then bag them all up for you while you stand there like a fuckin turd? Fuck off. Get off your high horse, get to the end of the belt, and bag like you’ve never bagged before.

2. Thou shall not stop at the exit to go over your fucking receipt.

A surprised woman looking at store receipt and holding a shoppin

Human roadblock. This shit is annoying. Usually old ass people are guilty of this one. They stop dead right in the breakout lane, and read their reciept like its a fuckin Shel Silverstien book. What the fuck could be so important on that piece of paper that you need to throw on the breaks right as you walk out the door? Nothing. There is nothing on that paper that is that important. You’re an asshole.

3. Thou shall not leave your cart in an empty parking spot.


Lazy pile of shit. I consider myself to be a shopping cart go hard. I like to take a quick little test stroll before I do some shopping. Make sure the wheels are alright with no hidden squeaks and shit. What i don’t like is rolling into a parking spot and pulling up to an abandoned cart. Im such a hardo 9 times out of 10, I walk my cart right back into the store just because thats the kind of guy I am.

4. Thou shall leave ones old ass relative at the nursing home.


Don’t bring your 150 year old mother to the fuckin grocery store. These people are the worst. You think they’re bad drivers in cars? Fuck, give one of these dinosaurs a shopping cart and its game over. Crashing into people, shelves, and t-bone parking in the middle of an isle while they wander off to the fuck-off factory, fuck me. Next time you get swindled into bringing one of these fossils out in public, do yourself a favor and leave them in the car with the windows up.

5. Thou shall operate ones cart in good form.


Just like on our road systems here folks. Stick to the right. If you come gunnin’ down the middle like a fuckin linebacker, and clip my cart, we’re gonna have a go. Theres no need to do a 180 half way down a jam packed isle and almost catch me with a head on. The isle isn’t a dead end. Up one, down the other. If you fuck up come back for round two.

6. Thou shall obey the express line rules.

10 items or less. 20 items or less. What the fuck. Since when is 10 and 20 items express? Express is you, the cashier, a can of chickpeas, and a dollar. Not fuckin eggs, milk, detergent, 4 bags of dog food, a soda, and two turkeys.

7. Thou shall show checkout line courtesy.

If you pull up behind me in the checkout line, first thing I’m doin’ is throwin the grocery separation shaft up. Common courtesy. If we get to the line at the same time and you’ve got a cart chalk full of bullshit, and all I have in my hands is  an avocado and some condensed milk, and you don’t give me the ol’ “Oh you only have a few things, go right ahead”, we’re gonna have a huge problem. There is a good chance you or your groceries ain’t makin’ it home.

8. Thou shall not stand in the middle of the isle lost in fuck tard land.


What the fuck is this? How many time will I see this bullshit? Some juggernaut standing in the middle of an isle, looking at pasta and shit, lights are on but no ones fucking home. Where are you people going in your head, that you lose continence and any type of motor skills? I carry smelling salts on the full time now because of helmet heads like this.

9. Thou shall shutish the fuck up.

The grocery store is not a fucking chat room. Get in, get your groceries, and get out. Ya a few “Hi how r ya’s” here and there don’t hurt. A gossip session in the middle of the cereal isle is uncalled for. No one cares about your kids soccer game or your wife’s tupperware party.

10. Thou shall move the fuck outta my way when you see me commin’.

Im commin’ in hot mother fuckers. You see a half-drunk Canadian with a shitty mustache and a denim vest commin’ down the isle like a freight train, you back the fuck up and get outta’ the way. Protect the women and children, cuz one of those mother fuckers crosses me… I’m running em’ down.