Chicago Dog Deep Dish/Stuffed Pizza

This weeks recipe is inspired by a city that blows….or a Windy City, whichever you prefer to call it.

Chicago is a tough town. I know you folks that live there have been through some tough times but it’s one of my favorite cities in the country. I’ve been to Chicago a handful of times and for some reason it’s always been the dead of fucking winter. I live in Massachusetts so you could say I know a thing or two about a fucked up cold winter…but fuck me it’s cold as fuck in Chi-town during the winter months.

However, I never let the cold stop me from making my way over to The Wieners Circle for a Chi-dog, some cheese fries, and watching a giant set of tits flop around (aka ‘The Chocolate Milkshake’). I also always tried to make it over to Giordano’s for a stuffed the fuck pizza.

Now I’m sure some of you will probably tell me that those places fucking suck, and there are better spots for a Chicago style hot dog or stuffed pizza elsewhere, and blah blah blah they’re just tourist traps…..well…I’m a fucking tourist so that’s what I want.

Anyways, this weeks recipe is a cheese fry stuffed deep dish pizza with Chicago style dog toppings. I’m well aware I forgot the onion and there are no poppy seeds, but I can’t wait to hear it from all of you cunts in the comment section.

Pizza Stuffed Pizza…With Pizzas on Top


We’ve all seen the pizzas with mini pizzas on top, and the pizza cake has played its role in American history. A few months back I myself even topped a pizza with bagel bites…

because that’s all I fucking had for toppings.

I wanted to creat something a little more fundamental this week. I’m not really sure what fundamental means, but a pizza stuffed with a pizza with pizzas on top seems fundamental to me.

All you need for this fuckin’ banger is a couple of pizza doughs, a cooked frozen pizza, some cheese, sauce, and mini pizzas.

IMG_3850_Fotor IMG_3906_Fotor IMG_3898_Fotor IMG_3895_Fotor IMG_3879_Fotor IMG_3873_Fotor

Buffalo Chicken Mac ‘n Cheese Quesadilla-Pizza. Quesapizza?



Pizza and quesadillas. Like OJ Simpson & Nicole Brown these two were just meant for each other.

Instead of making your standard issue quesadilla, I stuck some mac ‘n cheese and buffalo chicken between layers of flour tortilla. I’m actually not really sure that this classifies as a quesadilla, but this is my fucking fairy tale I’ll tel it how I want.

The prep/execution is pretty self explanatory just from the picture, but I know some of you will somehow have fucking questions.

So here you go.

Little bit of vegetable oil in a hot pan. Crisp up both side of 3 flour tortillas. Build your ‘pizzadilla’ just as I did in the video and bake in the oven.

It actually held up much better than I thought it would. It was able to be eaten just like a slice of pizza. Thought there was a good chance it was gonna end up a fuckin muck soggy mess.

IMG_2547 IMG_2552


Pizza Burger Mozzarella Stick

I’m not sure that its actually stuffed with pizza, but the whole thing is pretty much a pepperoni pizza minus the fucking dough.


4 by 4




Doritos Crust Pizza

If you don’t like Doritos you’re either a terrorist or a fucking asshole. They can do no wrong. Cool Ranch? Jacked Street Taco? Suck my fucking cock clean off my body.

I could have went with any flavor but I wanted to kick it old school and go with the OG Dorito. At first I actually thought that I might try to make an actual “dough” with the Doritos. Cut half the flour from a pizza dough recipe and replace with crushed Doritos. It started to sound like a lot of fucking work and I’m a lazy pile of shit.

So I crushed the Doritos up and mixed them with like 5 egg yolks. Thought about adding some parmesan cheese to the mix and I probably should have. The Doritos crust held together pretty good but could have used something else to act as a binding agent.