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Twix & Oreo Shot Glasses

There are two types of people in this world. People who like Twix and people who can just go fly a fucking kite. Inspired by my good friend Amy, of Oh, Bite IT! and her Snickers Shot Glasses, and my good friend at throughtheyesofmybelly.com‘s Bacon Chocolate Shot Glasses, I decided some fucking Twix shot glasses… [Continue Reading]

Choco Taco Ice Cream Sandwich

The Choco Taco is an American staple. Almost as American as the American flag itself, and I say that as an American, living in America, having grown up seeing a lot of American flags in America. What’s more American than an American living in America seeing American shit every day? A Choco Taco Ice cream… [Continue Reading]

StufZ S’mores

    Been fucking around with Mr. Chef Brian Duffy’s burger StufZ product. I’ve also been sucking the s’mores dick dry. I crushed up some graham crackers (1 packet) and mixed with two eggs. Plopped that shit in the StufZ, filled the center with marshmallow and chocolate.  Baked at 400 for 10 minutes flipping half… [Continue Reading]

Ice Cream Cookie Taco

I didn’t even cook the cookie dough because I hope I get sick and shit myself this thing was that good.