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Reuben Fry Bake

The nice thing about a Reuben Fry Bake is that there is no bread involved so you’re saving on your carbs for the day.   Thanks for stopping by. Make sure you guys are following on Instagram and Twitter. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and PODCAST for new videos every Sunday and throughout the week. Be… [Continue Reading]

[HOW TO] Reuben Stuffed Pretzels

St. Patrick’s Day is this week which means your local watering hole will be plagued with bro-hards drinking green bud lights and blasting The Dropkick Murphy’s on the TouchTunes machine like they give a fuck about the Irish or even know what St. Patrick’s Day is all about (does anyone really fucking know?) As a… [Continue Reading]

Mini Reuben Taco Sliders

    In honor of the great St. Patrick, I decided to make some Irish “food”. I don’t know much about Ireland or St. Patrick, but I know I fucking love Irish cuisine and lifestyle. Lets all get drunk and boil the fuck out of some shit. Hell yeah. Now I am in no way… [Continue Reading]