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Spaghetti & Meatball Tacos

  Here’s a little piece of shit recipe I’ve been trying to jerk off for a while. I chatted with my consultant, Nick, from DudeFoods only to find out he had tried to do this as well. I was fucking hellbent on having the spaghetti be sauced but it just wasn’t fucking going down. They… [Continue Reading]

Animal Fry Grilled Cheese

The best thing about living on the east coast is that I don’t live in fucking California. Sometimes I flush my toilet and let my water run just for the fuck of it. Yeah I have some boys out there I got mad love for, but if I can’t step outside turn my hose on… [Continue Reading]

Doritos Crust Pizza

If you don’t like Doritos you’re either a terrorist or a fucking asshole. They can do no wrong. Cool Ranch? Jacked Street Taco? Suck my fucking cock clean off my body. I could have went with any flavor but I wanted to kick it old school and go with the OG Dorito. At first I… [Continue Reading]


  Nothing is more American than food stuffed in other food. Stuffing a burger with hot dogs is like watching George Washington finger bang Abraham Lincoln on top of a fucking keg of Budweiser. Its Memorial Day Weekend. A celebration of America. A day to remember those who have lost their lives in the line… [Continue Reading]

How To Make Pulled Pork Cornbread Waffles

This recipe was honestly too good not to fucking share. I got some shit steaming in my brain after reading this recipe. Stay tunes because I’m about to turn your asshole into your mouth.   [SOURCE: AN EVENTFUL LIFE]    

Waffle Iron…..Sushi?

One of my favorite IG accounts is @dad_beets. His photos are fucking tops and the food looks delicious. In his latest creation, homeboy slapped some sushi in a fucking waffle iron? Why? Because why the fuck not.  

The Most American Burger

If you ask me, and that is if you ask, the only thing this burger is missing is BBQ sauce, potato salad, bacon, and a fucking American flag waiving in the background.   From Eater: The Most American Thickburger will be one of the priciest items on the menu. Brad Haley, a marketing officer for Carl’s… [Continue Reading]