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How To Make Pulled Pork Cornbread Waffles

This recipe was honestly too good not to fucking share. I got some shit steaming in my brain after reading this recipe. Stay tunes because I’m about to turn your asshole into your mouth.   [SOURCE: AN EVENTFUL LIFE]    

Waffle Iron…..Sushi?

One of my favorite IG accounts is @dad_beets. His photos are fucking tops and the food looks delicious. In his latest creation, homeboy slapped some sushi in a fucking waffle iron? Why? Because why the fuck not.  

The Most American Burger

If you ask me, and that is if you ask, the only thing this burger is missing is BBQ sauce, potato salad, bacon, and a fucking American flag waiving in the background.   From Eater: The Most American Thickburger will be one of the priciest items on the menu. Brad Haley, a marketing officer for Carl’s… [Continue Reading]

The Reverse Jalapeño Popper

My good friends / fuck boys Foodbeast and culinarybrodown have gone against science and mother nature with their reverse jalapeño popper recipe. The nice thing about this shitty little fuck tart is that you open yourself up to a plethora of cheese to be had. With most common jalapeño poppers, you’re limited with space to the… [Continue Reading]

Ramen Hoagie Roll

[SOURCE: GRUBSTREET.COM] Lets clear something up for a minute. This is not a hoagie. It’s a grinder. It’s always been a grinder. It will always be a grinder. Its not a sub. Its not a hero, or a fucking wedge… Its a grinder, and grinders are wicked good. I’m not really sure how this thing… [Continue Reading]

Foodstagram User of the Week: @foodsofjane

Every Tuesday I’m going to showcase my favorite “foodstagram” accounts. Kicking this shit off is Instagram user @foodsofjane. If you cruise her profile you’ll see that homegirl loves her noodles which automatically makes her and I best friends. She has her own blog loaded with tons of fucking recipes. Not like recipes to make when you’re fucking,… [Continue Reading]

Cherry Cheesecake Shooters

Glad to see my buddy Tym started his own blog as a place to present all of his fucking ridiculous creations. The kid is on the fucking move. He’s hit us in the past with Mac n cheese ham sandwich fuck factory. Deep fried hash brown burrito and the fucking glorious stuffed onion ring burger. Yeah,… [Continue Reading]