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Red Velvet Oreo Cheesecake

Take your shitty graham cracker crust, and shove it straight up your candy ass.     This cheesecake is a real fucking banger. I was worried that maybe the Oreo’s wouldn’t hold up for a crust but thats just because I’m a fucking loser. All I did was crushed up some Oreo’s in a freezer… [Continue Reading]

Philadelphia Roll Sushi Slider

  Sticky white rice from your local dirty Chinese spot. Mold that shit in a lid from a Miracle Whip (fuck mayonnaise) and slightly cook one side in a frying pan. Throw on some cucumbers, smoked salmon, and cream cheese. Wrap in nori and suck a dick about it. Next time I suck this tit,… [Continue Reading]

Beef Wellington (The Vulgar Chef Edition)

  Beef Wellington. Filet of beef wrapped in puff pastry. Typically with some sort of pureed mushroom shit sauce and prosciutto or some shit. I gave this a whack before on my TMNTcooks Blog. Went crazy with the fucking thing. Cheese, salami, stuffing bbq sauce, really fucked this bitch up.   What I did here… [Continue Reading]

Cheetos Crusted Mac n’ Cheese Doughnuts

  Here’s one you can pull of with a dick in your mouth. All you need is some Mac the fuck Cheese, a doughnut mold tray or whatever the fuck ever, and some crushed Cheetos. Place the Mac the fuck in the doughnut molds and freeze for a few hours.  Pull them shits out of… [Continue Reading]

Big Mac Sushi

So I was driving around in yesterdays “blizzard” when I got a craving for some asshole. Coincidently, I also had a craving for sushi. Problem was that the sushi joint I normally fuck around with was closed, and the McDonalds across the street was open. So I made like an asshole and shit myself. I… [Continue Reading]

StufZ S’mores

    Been fucking around with Mr. Chef Brian Duffy’s burger StufZ product. I’ve also been sucking the s’mores dick dry. I crushed up some graham crackers (1 packet) and mixed with two eggs. Plopped that shit in the StufZ, filled the center with marshmallow and chocolate.  Baked at 400 for 10 minutes flipping half… [Continue Reading]

S’mores Waffle

  Yeah thats a fucking graham cracker waffle, the fuck did you expect?  I smashed up two packets of graham crackers and mixed that shit with 3 eggs. Stuffed the mixture in my crummy waffle maker on a low setting. Pulled out my pud and let that shit cook for about 5 minutes. Topped with… [Continue Reading]

Fried Golumpki on a Stick

  There is a lovely Lithuanian woman in my town who makes a golumpki you would suck your dad about. Violeta’s Kitchen. She makes some rock your cock off soups(pickled barley is the fucking shit), pirogi’s, desserts, and meat pies as well. I’ve had the idea for a while to completely ruin everything I’m sure… [Continue Reading]