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Grilled English Muffin Pizza Fries.

If you didn’t grow up eating english muffin pizza’s you were deprived of a positive upbringing. Either that or your parents had money to order real pizza. I’ve even had people tell me they grew up eating ketchup on bread-pizzas. You know what kind of parents make you eat ketchup pizzas? The kind of parents that kill… [Continue Reading]

Big Mac Egg Rolls

I’m not really sure what the exact blend of neighborhood cat your local Chinese spot uses for their spring or egg rolls to fill these dog shit-esque fried logs, but I can assure you this… EGG ROLLS FUCKING SUCK. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about the legit as fuck rolls being made by… [Continue Reading]

Cheesy Bacon Chowder Tots.

The Vulgar Chef’s, Chowder Tots. California’s Slapfish® has a menu thats stacked toes to fucking tits, and when I say toes to tits, I mean TOES.TO.FUCKING.TITS. The Clobster Grilled Cheese (yes, thats lobster and fucking crab) Fish + Chips, and Shrimp & Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese are a few menu items to name to get your… [Continue Reading]

Triple Bacon Cheddar Corn Dog

I’ve ben know to be a bit of a corndogger. No, I’m not talking about the same corndogging Elton John or Rob Halford are familiar with. (see corn dogging definition) Nothing against my gay male fams…but fuck, even for me corndogging is extreme as fuck. What I meant about me being a bit of a… [Continue Reading]

Bacon Mozzarella Cannons

We’ve all seen them. Bacon wrapped mozzarella sticks. I’ve even had bacon wrapped mozzarella sticks with a few jalapeños tucked under the fucking bacon which was L.A.F. (legit as fuck for those of you just joining us) But why not more mozzarella sticks? Better yet…why not FOUR mozzarella sticks? 1 Slice of bacon per 4… [Continue Reading]

Jalapeno Totters

Jalapeno Totters. Its a known fact that the addition of tots to a tot-less food will increase tasting pleasure by 107%. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. tots over fucking fries. Tots are fucking delicious. I don’t know why we haven’t just completely done away with french fries at this point in… [Continue Reading]

Bacon Meatball Onion Bombs

Part of my week is spent scouring the internet for inspiration. Every so often I come across a recipe that just gets my fuckin loins moist. This recipe is that recipe this week.

Pizza Stuffed Pizza…With Pizzas on Top

  We’ve all seen the pizzas with mini pizzas on top, and the pizza cake has played its role in American history. A few months back I myself even topped a pizza with bagel bites… because that’s all I fucking had for toppings. I wanted to creat something a little more fundamental this week. I’m… [Continue Reading]