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French Onion Spring Rolls

Hello everyone, and happy 2018. We’re kicking this year off with an easy one. French onion spring rolls that eventually make their way onto a piled high roast beef sandwich.  The nice thing about spring rolls is you can stuff them with whatever the fuck you want. You could even chop up other spring rolls… [Continue Reading]

French Fry Bun’d Burger

When life gives you the option to have regular burger buns or burger buns made out of french fries & cheese you always choose buns made out of french fries & cheese. I was recently asked to check out the movie COOK OFF! (in theaters & On Demand November 17, 2017) and create something inspired from… [Continue Reading]

Pabst Blue Ribbon Pizza Wings

Just because I’m not on the boozing my face off wagon doesn’t mean I can’t throw down on my 2nd Pabst Blue Ribbon/Foodbeast national pizza month collaboration. PBR pizza Koozie and now PBR pizza wings. Shouts out to the foodbeast team for throwing together this beautiful video and bringing my recipe to life. 1 Cup… [Continue Reading]

Grilled Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash is the undisputed champion of the squash world. I mean…does acorn squash even really stand a chance? This one right here is a great end of summer dish. One of my fucking favorites. I know I talk a lot of shit but I love me some grilled vegetables. Asparagus. Onion. Peppers. All great… [Continue Reading]

Ultimate Breakfast Lasagna

I think the nice thing about this breakfast lasagna is that it’s breakfast but in the form of lasagna. First make your pancake interleaves. Get yourself a baking dish – preferably square. Grease that bad Larry up Drop in 1 /12 Cups of pancake batter and bake at 450° for 5 minutes.  I’m not sure… [Continue Reading]

Ketchup Caviar

What you’re seeing here are the side effects of long term marijuana use. The idea for ketchup caviar comes from a from a few things. It comes from watching molecular gastronomy videos, getting high and staring at one of those water & oil hourglass things that you would sometimes get in your Christmas stocking as… [Continue Reading]

French Onion Soup Tater Tots

I am what I would consider a bit of a french onion soup go hard. I think most people are. If you don’t enjoy a good french onion soup there’s a good chance you spend a portion of your time filling out applications for ISIS. There’s actually no real recipe here. Mainly just combining things…. [Continue Reading]