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Bacon Fried Oreo’s

  If your social media news feed hasn’t already been plagued with links to write up’s for these bacon fried Oreo’s, you’re social media-ing all sorts of fucking wrong.  Amy Erickson, from OH, Bite It!, is at it again with another one of her fantastic fucking creations. Now, I’ve been following OH, Bite It since before… [Continue Reading]

The Pizzanini

  The Pizzanini. Also known as the two shitty $0.99 pizzas from the dollar store with three $0.99 chicken parmesan meals from the dollar store, stuffed in a panini maker. You can really go in any direction when you’re using two shit house pizzas as a vessel to transport food into your fat fucking mouth…. [Continue Reading]

Oreo & Peanut Butter Stuffed Red Velvet Cupcakes

A page straight out of the EAT LIKE SHIT COOKBOOK. Super east to make and you can stuff them with fucking anything. You can even stuff them with a fuck. I stuffed one with a powdered doughnut because I don’t remember the last time I got my dick sucked.  

Best Food Photos Of The Week.

A collection of this weeks best food photos from around the interfuckingweb. Want to see your picture make the cut? Be sure to use the #EatLikeShit hashtag, and tag @TheVulgarChef on all of your crummy fucking photos!  

That Doesn’t Look Good.

  No. We didn’t know you were a chef, and we think you’re fucking lying.     You vegans wonder why I’m so hard on you. This is what it looks like when my dog eats his own shit and then shits his own shit back out of his asshole. This is the ‘I jerk… [Continue Reading]