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Funyun Rings

  I’m what some would consider a person who generally doesn’t give a fuck for onion rings. I know, I know, call me a cunt all you want. I would just much rather waffle fries or even a dirty blowjob from a bum. I didn’t say I won’t eat them, but if you were like… [Continue Reading]

Mountain Dew Code Red Wings

    The wonderful thing about soaking wings in code red is that when the wings are cooked they are red. They also taste nothing like Mountain Dew Code Red…which was kind of what I was hoping for, so fuck me right? I also added some red food coloring to really bring the red out…. [Continue Reading]


You go hard in the paint? I paint hard in your chick. She wants this Canadian man dime, Not some pre-cummy dick. Get it? Like my dick is the paintbrush, and my man sauce is the paint, and I bust in your girl.  I don’t know. I’ve been rapping in my head a lot and… [Continue Reading]

Deep Fried McGangBang

For this bitch I had to snag a page out of the Peep My Eats playbook. Instead of deep frying a Big Mac, I went for the fucking jugular. Grabbed a McGangBang and throat fucked the living shit out of that little dick hole. Just when you think McDonald’s can’t get any better, you fucking… [Continue Reading]

Pulled Pork Stuffed Doughnut.

It’s been minute since daddy posted. Ya’ll thought I was sleeping? Fuck that. I was jerkin dicks and feelin’ tits. Pulled pork stuffed doughnuts. I used some flaky biscuit rolls for this titty fucker, so I guess its not really a doughnut, but you know what? I pay the fucking web hosting fee and I’m… [Continue Reading]

Bacon & Chocolate Rice Krispies Treats

  Here’s an easy one. All you need is bacon, chocolate, and Rice Krispies Treats. I went with just the store bought treats because I don’t really have time to sit around and watch marshmallows fucking melt. I guess if you’re a real go hard you can make your own. It might have been more… [Continue Reading]

Independence Dog

  I’m just sitting here residing in that OG state. The mother fucking 13 original colonies. Plymouth Rock? We got it. Basketball? You’re fucking welcome. JFK? We used to refer to him as ‘the dude from down the block’. Volleyball. Yeah, volleyball. You’re all welcome for the buffet of beach volleyball ass you get to eye… [Continue Reading]