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Basic Bitch Burger

Closing Out Basic Bitch Season With A Proper Burger. Basic bitch season is great if you’re into finger banging girls who dip their chicken tenders in ketchup and smell like pumpkin mayonnaise. Yoga pants are cool, but as the Great Bill Burr once said “I’ve been to enough yoga classes to know what those pants… [Continue Reading]

I Made NyQuil JELL-O So You Don’t Have To

NyQuil Jell-O Because its 2018 and why not? Those of you that follow along on Instagram most likely saw some insta-story action of my trying to choke down some NyQuil Jell-O. Well, if you couldn’t tell from the headline thats whats going on with this blog post. The nice thing about NyQuil Jell-O is that… [Continue Reading]

Rattlesnake Pasta Bake

  Italians don’t know shit about Pasta. For this weeks recipe I wanted to take pasta for a walk down Please Squat on My Face Boulevard. Some heat. Some meat. Some cheese. The holy trinity of get the fuck in my mouth. UNOs Pizzeria & Grill offers up a rattlesnake pasta of their own. I’ve… [Continue Reading]